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03-201 Chamomile teabags

Has reputed sedative properties. Used as a mild relaxing, boosts immune system to colds, soothes the stomach, reduces inflammation, relieves muscle spasms. The plant is officially acknowledged in the European Pharmacology.

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03-202 Linden teabags

It is an sweet-smelling herb known since antiquity (mentioned by the Ancient Greek Theophrastus). The beverage has multimode action.

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03-203 Black Tea teabags

Tea contains theanine which combined with suntheaneine, helps brain function and gives clarity, keeping us alert.

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03-204 Anice teabags

Considered as a libido stimulant. Its secret lies in its anethole content.

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03-205 Dictamnus teabags

It is a healing, therapeutic and aromatic plant that only grows wild on the mountainsides and gorges of the Greek island of Crete, Greece. The Dictamnus of Crete is widely used for food flavouring and medicinal purposes, in addition to it featuring as an ornamental plant in gardens.

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03-206 Sage teabags

Scientific experiments confirm that Sage boosts memory, while it was also found to be effective in the management of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease.

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03-207 Peppermint teabags

It has a mild analgesic effect, acts against insomnia and helps overcome headaches.

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03-208 Spearmint teabags

There are many beneficial properties that are attributed to Spearmint, such as anti-gastric pain, nausea, hiccups and aiding in digestion.

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03-209 Mountain Tea teabags

A drink with antioxidant effects properties. In therapeutic is used as heating, stimulating, diuretic and against cold. It is considered to be beneficial for blood ducts in the heart. It is also used for the respiratory diseases and urinary.

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03-210 Marjoram teabags

The Ancient Greek Hippocrates, who is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine, used Marjoram as an antiseptic.

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